This waterproof case turns your iPhone into an underwater camera

Convenient, a GoPro to take pictures underwater. But with a iPhone this is possible too. The company AquaTech has launched a new product, the AxisGo. This turns an iPhone into a complete underwater camera with all the trimmings.

AxisGo iPhone

The AxisGo is a kind of cover made of plastic and aluminum. There is a grip to hold it, mounting brackets and an input to make a lens. The case is completely waterproof and there is a touchscreen on, so you can still operate your phone. Due to optical glass that is water-repellent and non-reflective, the photos are of high quality underwater.

AxisGo can be used up to ten meters deep, which is more than the usual 3.4 meters for the iPhone itself. The case can be used for the iPhone 7 and 8 and the X and plus models. The accessories and lenses make the AxisGo a special system. For example, it contains a wide-angle lens and a versatile filter. Lens caps, a sports tire and a bumper set for even more protection are also included with the case. The camera cover is for sale for 199 dollars.