This symbol is what Adobe and Microsoft want to be used to mark content created with AI

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Powered by the ‘Content Authenticity Initiative’, the CR symbol is a big step towards solving the problem

Adobe already has its “solution” ready for the copyright and AI problem. The symbol is here that will allow us to differentiate what has been created by a human being and what has been created by AI. A symbol that is part of the ‘ Content Authenticity Initiative ‘, supported by companies such as Microsoft, Leica, Nikon or Truepic.

The CR symbol. The icon has the initials CR, for ‘Content Credentials’. It is a simple black and white logo with the two lowercase letters that will usually be added in the upper right corner of images that have been created with artificial intelligence.

With associated metadata. By hovering over this transparency icon we can obtain information about the image, depending on the amount of metadata associated with the image.

We can find from the date of creation to the recognized author, including the tool or application used and any other details that the author has entered manually.

It can be added with tools like Photoshop. Having been created by Adobe, the first way to introduce this logo will be through tools such as Photoshop or Premiere and soon Microsoft Bing Image Generator. Although the goal of the coalition is to expand to more companies and all types of tools, including AI image generators.

A very different approach from Google. In August, SynthID was introduced , Google’s watermark to reflect when an image has been created with AI. However, the focus is different from that of the CR symbol. While the proposal from Adobe and Microsoft is an easily recognizable symbol, Google is betting on a brand that is totally invisible to the human eye. One is focused on the user and the other on its own systems.

These symbols are going to be implemented no matter what. This initiative does not come by chance. The European Union has been the one who has requested the implementation of this marking to easily identify content generated by AI.

There is concern in the sector about how to manage copyright alongside artificial intelligence. This symbol hardly eliminates complexities, but it is a first step in the right direction.