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This robot vacuum cleaner can clean multiple floors

Robot vacuum cleaners can clean the floor without you having to do anything. But if you have multiple floors, make it a robot vacuum very difficult. Now the Neato Robot vacuum cleaner has received an update, which means that it can vacuum clean on several floors.

Three floor plans

The software update allows the robot to make a plan of up to three floors. It is not that the robot itself can go up the stairs, but the idea is that you can indicate on the map with ‘no-go’ lines where the vacuum cleaner is not allowed. You can thus make three floor plans, one per floor. The map is simplistic and the angles are clearly indicated.

Automatic charging

In addition to the option to create multiple floor plans, the vacuum cleaner also knows exactly when it needs to be charged. He tracks not only the part of the floor plan that has already been cleaned, but also the part that has yet to be done. The vacuum cleaner then calculates how much power is still needed and recharges it for the required time. No problems so with one corner that still needs to be done, but a robot that has to charge for this part first.

Time-saving, it is, such a robot, but whether it really works so optimally is the question. Moreover, you sometimes want to vacuum clean on the couch, or under cabinets, where the robot just does not fit.

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