This is how life on Mars looks like … HP shows unprecedented VR simulation

In 2012, the first HD images of Mars appeared, made by the American ‘Marslander’ Curiosity . We now know that water has been found and that several parties are busy to start a colony on the red planet. For those who were not yet convinced. HP is coming today with an unprecedented VR simulation of what life on Mars might look like. In this simulation we see how one million people could live on the Red Planet.

Mars Home

The HP Mars Home Planet program led by HP and Nvidia, is the culmination of a one-year collaboration with a creative community of developers to simulate life on Mars.

The program attracted more than 90,000 creative professionals, architects, engineers and students from more than 150 countries. The most innovative ideas came to life through a VR experience, made by Technicolor. This VR experience is premiered this week at SIGGRAPH, the world’s largest conference on computer graphics.

“The ability to make VR experiences completely compelling comes from the creative community and the computer process, delivered by HP and our partners”, according to Gwen Coble, director workstations, Thin Clients, Retail Solutions and Immersive Computing, EMEA, HP. “The combination of HP’s leadership in technology, the rich history of product innovations and the understanding of the creative workflow brings amazing ideas to life.”

Virtual Reality

The HP Mars Home Planet VR experience takes users into a Martian Community Onboarding Center. It shows innovations in the field of architecture, technology and transport, with which one can make the leap to Mars. Technicolor designed the stunning images for the experience in Epic’s Unreal Engine.

This led to the very first VR piece with six degrees of freedom, built for chairs with freedom of movement and using HP Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The environments and the main benefits of the VR experience are released to the creative community in the fall through an Unreal Engine download.

About HP Mars Home Planet

The global project, combining co-creation with VR to simulate a utopian civilization on the Red Planet, received nearly 1,000 submissions from participants of the HP Mars Home Planet project.

The final phase reached its peak with nine winners of his Rendering Challenge. Previously, the winners of the Concept Challenge and the 3D Modeling Challenge were announced.


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