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This company uses data mining to better understand rare diseases

It started four years ago. Onno Faber was diagnosed with a rare disease . He got tumors and lost his hearing in one ear. He was among the ten percent people with a rare disease in which a lack of data on the disease resulted in a suitable treatment fails. That is why he founded the RDMD company.


RDMD collects and analyzes medical reports. This data is sold by the company to pharmaceutical companies that can develop medicines for rare diseases. With different technologies they collect data from doctor’s notes, medical images and graphs, which researchers can then use to make a medication.

Medications for rare diseases

The goal of RDMD is to collect enough medical information so that doctors get an idea of ​​the characteristics, timeline and other aspects of the rare disease. This helps to diagnose rare diseases. Patients can join an online platform, where the medical data are organized.

The company has raised three million dollars from tech companies and health organizations.

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