A smart robot for home

If you see him like that, it is a friendly-looking small robot which can have been walked out of an animated film. He has something like Wall-E. That is not surprising, because animators from Pixar and DreamWorks have helped with the robot. This gives the robot a real personality.


Vector was developed by Artificial Intelligence and robotics company Anki. The robot is not only cute, but also pretty smart. He also has a decent attitude. If you lose him with Blackjack, he will laugh at you square. He looks questionable when he thinks about an answer. If you just get to know him, he is quite mocking, until you introduce him to him.

Vector does not just fall from somewhere. With built-in sensors, he knows exactly when he is at the edge of a table, and then he stops. Vector is like a pet, because he likes it when you stroke his back.

Smart robot

What makes Vector so smart? With Artificial Intelligence the robot can process natural language. He can also make calculations and connect business. If you ask him if he wants to go to his charger, he first uses the natural language processing to understand what is being said. Then he drives around, to find out with sensors where he is.

Vector can be used well at home. The personality and emotion that is built into Vector makes it easier for people to have a robot next to them.