The Walking Dead Gets TV Series Based Mobile Game

The Finnish company Next Games is going to make a mobile game based on the TV series The Walking Dead. Next Games has never released a game. The Finns’ game will compete with Telltale’s mobile Walking Dead game.

The deal with AMC allows Next Games to make a mobile game of The Walking Dead for mobile phones and tablets. According to AMC, it will be the first game around the TV series that is only made for phones and tablets. The game should be released at the same time as the fifth season of the TV series, although it is not known when it will be released on TV in the US. It is also unknown whether the story of the game will connect to that from the new season of the series.

Next Games has only been around since last year and has not yet released a single game. The Next Games staff worked on Angry Birds at Rovio, Clash of Clans at Supercell, and Disney Infinity at Disney.

It’s not the first Walking Dead mobile game. Skybound LLC previously delivered The Walking Dead; Assault, which is available for iOS and Android. However, Skybound relied on Robert Kirkman’s comic books, which were also the inspiration for the TV series. The comic books also form the basis for Telltale Games’ popular series, which produces The Walking Dead: Season One and Season Two. A House Divided, the second episode of Season Two, was released earlier this week. Telltale’s games are available for Windows, iOS, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, and Ouya.

AMC previously closed a deal with publisher Activision, which released The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct in 2013, made by Terminal Reality. The action game, which, like Next’s game, is based on the TV series, was poorly received by both press and gamers.