The Verge: Microsoft lays off hundreds of employees, including Xbox division

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Microsoft has laid off less than a thousand employees who worked in various divisions. The company has not disclosed which divisions the layoffs fell in, but according to The Verge, jobs have been cut in the Xbox division, among other things.

In response to social media posts from former employees, axios contact Microsoft. He confirmed the layoffs. “We evaluate our business professionals on a regular basis. We will continue to invest in our business over the coming year and hire in key growth areas,” a Microsoft spokesperson told the news website.

Axios says jobs at different levels and regions have been cut. This means that employees outside the US have also been laid off. While the Microsoft spokesperson says nothing about the divisions where the layoffs have occurred, Tom Warren of The Verge that the Experiences and Devices divisions, Xbox and the legal department were affected. In some cases, it would be people who have worked for Microsoft for years.

Microsoft already indicated earlier this year that it wanted to work with fewer staff. In July, the company laid off 1,800 employees and then removed open positions for its Azure cloud service. Microsoft isn’t the only tech company to cut jobs this year. In August, Snapchat parent company Snap laid off 20 percent of its staff. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is said to have indicated earlier this year that employees may have to leave as the company is “heading into turbulent times,” Reuters wrote at the time, citing internal sources.

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