The Sims 4 gets an option to indicate sexual orientation

Life simulator game The Sims 4 will soon add the ability to customize Sims’ sexual orientation. Create-a-Sim can now indicate who a Sim is romantically and/or sexually attracted to.

EA announces that The Sims 4 is getting an update to make the game more inclusive. A new feature allows you to set who a Sim is attracted to. It has always been possible to have romantic relationships with a Sim of the same sex, but romantic interactions by Sims who do not meet the specified attraction settings will now be rejected by the Sim. The update is free for all Sims players.

Not only will it be possible to indicate whether a Sim is interested in men or women, there will also be an option to determine whether a Sim is open to romantic contact and/or Oh yes! The latter is the name for sexual intercourse within The Sims. Non-binary Sims don’t exist yet. According to developer Maxis, this has to do with technical limitations. Earlier it was already possible to change Sims pronounsalbeit only in English for the time being.

The update also introduces body hair. However, owners of the upcoming High School Years expansion will have more options. It becomes possible to add hairs on the chest, abdomen, arms, legs and back. It is then possible to set the body hair to grow slowly over time. Shaving becomes a new gameplay option.

The Sims 4 is now almost eight years old and continues to receive new updates and content. The new update will be released later this month, along with the High School Years expansion. In this expansion, Sims can take classes at Copperdale High and engage in after-school activities such as rugby and cheerleading. High school ends with a gala and graduation ceremony. High School Years costs 39.99 euros and will be released on July 28.

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