DeepL releases free AI writing tool Write in beta

Translation service DeepL introduces an AI-based writing tool. DeepL Write lets users write a text and then makes language suggestions, including grammar, word choice and writing style. The service currently works in English and German.

The DeepL Write service is intended according to the maker to improve written communication in English and German. In addition to grammar and spelling corrections, the tool also makes suggestions for improving sentence structure, tone, writing style and word choice. This makes the service reminiscent of apps like Grammarly, which offer similar writing assistance to users.

DeepL uses a neural network for its Write service that recognizes context and nuances of text and makes suggestions based on that. However, the company does not provide details about the AI ​​model used or its training method. The company says the service can be used by journalists, writers and academics, among others, although Write can also be used by private individuals, for example for composing emails.

Write is free to use via DeepL’s website. No account is required for this. The service is currently in a beta phase and is therefore subject to changes in terms of accuracy. It is not known when Write will be officially available. It’s also not clear if or when other languages ​​will be added to the writing tool.