The new retro Atari will cost $ 200

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The new Atari console coming up has received a prize: for 200 dollars you can buy the new VCS. The retro box was announced in March but there was still no price attached to it. Now the company behind the new Atari has announced . There will also be a special first edition with a wooden front, which harks back to the original Atari 2600 as the old timers among us can still remember.

The retro game computer which can also play new games will only be delivered from the beginning of next year, says Atari. In that sense it is still a bit weird that the sale is realized via the IndieGoGo crowdsourcing platform. The price is also quite hefty for what you get: an emulator that can play old Atari 2600 games (but that can be done every kitchen timer nowadays) and where you can play unspecified other games.

The console will get more than 100 classic games from the good old Atari time like Asteroids, Centipede, Breakout and Missile Command. What will still appear on the Linux-based console in terms of indie games is not clear: at least no names have been announced, so the chance for exclusive games is pretty small. Because the VCS supports just 4K, 60fps, Wi-Fi and all other ‘modern’ techniques, something should be possible, but whether there are enough boxes to be sold is of course the big question.

Once again, the VCS looks really beautiful and as a ‘normal’ retro device it would be really cool, but with a fairly high price you will have to come with more than a fancy exterior to pull people away from them. current consoles with power or the cheaper retro devices that you can get for almost any old platform.

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