The new iPhones are becoming increasingly clearer

It is almost so far. Within a month and now we will know what Apple has made of the new iPhones, but until that time it has been speculated. The rumors about specifications features and even colors have been around for a while, but as the launch gets closer the leaks are getting bigger, so it seems . We put them in a row.

More powerrrrrr

According to Macworld the new aircraft are more than likely equipped with an A12 processor, which is going to boost the pace internally. We talk about an improvement of 20 percent in terms of speed, with graphically intensive apps (hello Fortnite) seeing more benefits. That means that the battery life is not necessarily going to be bigger. The new process with which the A12 will be made gives you, as the manufacturer of a device, the choice: 40 percent less energy consumption or 20 percent more processor power.
That does not mean, however, that it will be endlessly slurping, at least not in all cases: the new large device has of course more space for a battery (since all other components are the same as in the smaller phones) and that means that you also do longer with the device if you use it all the time. If the new iPhones are on standby, according to the messages they will always last longer, because the new chip draws less power when it is not or hardly used.

Better connections

Not only the processor is improved, the WiFi chip would also improve. The quarrel with Qualcomm has reached its peak and it seems that all iPhones worldwide are now going to get an Intel modem. The model would in any case be better than the chip in today’s iPhones, with more speed, less power consumption and with support of more frequencies than what we have now. It will not be 5G, it is still too early for that, but it will get better. How much will we actually notice in use? That is waiting.
On the inside there is not much else changing: the larger models would be given the opportunity to be sold as dual sim and just like the iPhone X, all models from 2018 will get Face ID. Much more if that is not there, because it is an ‘S’ year for Apple: everything is getting better, but there is not much exciting.

Hold them apart

That ‘S’ year becomes one more thing, because how will Apple explain to consumers which phone is now which? There are three models: the 5.8 inch iPhone X upgrade, the ‘cheap’ and colorful 6.1 inches and the very large 6.5 inch OLED. Apart from the size of the screen, however, they do not differ very much, because they all have the iPhone X design with the notch. Do we get an iPhone XS? iPhone XS Plus? and the iPhone 9?
Presumably they can be very well separated by the price, because there is now also speculation about the prices of the devices. Since global growth is slowing and Apple naturally has to keep shareholders happy, the average price per unit sold … goes up. So make sure that the 6.5 inch iPhone XS Plus will cost in full order to the 1500 euro. If the 6.1 inch version is sold for less than 800 euros, that would be striking, but to be honest, a price of around 900 seems more plausible. That makes the choice easier.