The Last of Us gets board game

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CMON is collaborating with Sony on The Last of Us: The Board Game. Substantive details about the board game have not yet been announced and it is also unclear when it will be for sale. CMON previously made Bloodborne and God of War board games.

The announcement doesn’t say anything about what kind of board game The Last of Us is going to be. Game maker CMON says it is delighted to turn the title into a ‘unique and immersive board game experience’. The company has previously made board games from Bloodborne and God of War. Those games are aimed at players aged 14 or older.

In the Bloodborne game, up to five players can defeat monsters and explore a dungeon together, but only one player can get out alive. The God of War game is suitable for four players and in it, players must work together to avoid Ragnarok.

The Last of Us Part II
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