Photos show Google Nest Audio weighing 1.2kg

An American has a Google Nest Audio in his hands, even before the official introduction. According to the user, the audio quality is much better than that of the original Google Home. The device is also much heavier.

The Reddit user says he found the Google Nest Audio at a major retail chain and was already able to purchase the device. According to the user, the speaker weighs 1165 grams. That is more than double the Google Home, which weighs 475 grams.

The Google Nest Audio has a tweeter and a woofer and the sound is, according to the user’s experience, much better than the sound from the Google Home. He states that the sound quality at lower volumes is comparable to his IKEA Sonos speakers. According to the user, it is also possible to combine two speakers for stereo reproduction.

According to previous rumors, the speaker will cost about a hundred euros. Google will officially announce Nest Audio on September 30. Then a new Chromecast is also presented, which has also surfaced in stores and in people’s homes. Furthermore, Google will present its Pixel 5 and 4a 5G on that date.