Tez2: Rockstar also won’t release a next-gen release of Red Dead Redemption 2

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In addition to a remake for the original Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar would also have stopped developing a next-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2. The company mainly wants to bet on GTA VI and is therefore no longer working on an RDR version for the PS5 or the Xbox S and X.

Plans for a next-gen release of Red Dead Redemption 2 have been discontinued some time ago, says well-known Rockstar leaker Tez2. He is responding to a question from someone who wants to know about a release for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series S or X for Red Dead Redemption 2. Tez2 says he has heard “a while ago” that such a release was available. will never come. “The same goes for their plans for an Enhanced Rockstar Editor,” he says.

Tez2 and Kotaku said last week that Rockstar would not be making remasters of the original Red Dead Redemption or GTA IV. Then the question arose whether there would be a remake of RDR 2. That game came out in 2018. Rockstar recently announced that it would be releasing “no more major updates” for Red Dead Online. Instead, Rockstar would like to focus entirely on the upcoming GTA VI game, although nothing is known about it and there is no indication of when it should be released yet.

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