Tesla will make Supercharger chargers available for other cars later this year

Elon Musk confirms that Tesla will make its Supercharger network available to other manufacturers’ electric cars later this year. Until now, these fast chargers have been exclusively used by owners of Tesla cars.

Elon Musk says on Twitter The Supercharger network will open to other electric cars sometime later this year, though he doesn’t say exactly when that will be. Musk does not provide further details, but does say that the Superchargers gradually open in all countries. It is still unclear which versions of the fast chargers will be available for other cars and which countries will be used first.

Earlier, Electrek reported that Tesla was in talks with government officials in Norway about opening the network to other electric cars by September 2022. Whether that’s still the timeline for that country is unclear. The German transport minister also indicated earlier that talks were taking place in Germany with Tesla to open the Supercharger network for other cars.

Since May this year there are worldwide 25,000 Superchargers, spread over 2700 charging locations. Opening up the fast chargers will be slightly easier in Europe than in the United States, because Tesla uses its own connector in North America. As a result, an adapter will be needed there if other cars want to use the Supercharger network. In Europe, Tesla has been using the CCS standard for some time.