Dropbox makes camera uploads available to free users

Dropbox has made a number of innovations, including the ability for non-paying users to use automatic camera uploads. Previously, this was only reserved for paying users.

Dropbox reports on its blog that the camera uploads are now also available for Basic users. The company also says that this feature has been significantly improved so that performance should be faster and more reliable.

Users on iOS can now also control how photos and videos are saved; this feature of specifying exactly which folder to save them in will also be available for Android soon. Furthermore, there is now an option to have Dropbox delete a photo once it has been uploaded.

In the web version of Dropbox, it is now possible to convert files to other formats without having to close the program. This concerns, for example, the conversion of jpeg to png files.

In addition, Dropbox is introducing a few new features for its password manager. This has been free to use for some time and is now also suitable for processing credit card information, which should make it easier to pay from the browser or a mobile device. Furthermore, there is support for password sharing and there is a browser extension for the password manager.