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Tesla produces a record 139,300 electric cars

Tesla delivered 139,300 cars in the past quarter. The manufacturer produced a total of 145,036. The vast majority of deliveries consisted of Model 3 and Y versions. Never before has Tesla delivered so many cars in a quarter.

Tesla does not specifically mention how many Model 3s and Model Ys have been delivered, those two cars have been combined into one category. The Model 3 / Y delivered 124,100 units in the last three months. The remaining 15,200 deliveries are Model S and X versions.

The number of deliveries has risen sharply compared to the previous quarter. Then a total of 90,650 Teslas were delivered. The number of 139,300 cars delivered is a record for the company and a significant growth compared to the previous record. That was 112,000 copies in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The production of Tesla cars is also on the rise. The number of 145,036 cars produced is much higher than the 82,272 units in the previous quarter. At that time, however, production was partly halted due to the temporary closure of a factory due to the corona crisis.

production Deliveries
Model S / X 16,992 15,200
Model 3 / Y 128,044 124,100
Total 145,036 139,300

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