Tesla must give Norwegian customers 13,000 euros after update that reduced range

Tesla is ordered by the Oslo brokerage board to pay certain Norwegian Model S customers 136,000 Norwegian krone. Via an update, the range was made smaller and the charging speed was limited. The company claimed to want to protect the battery with this update.

It concerns Tesla Model S cars that were sold between 2013 and 2015, Nettavisen writes. Following a software update released in 2019, these models charge slower on Tesla Superchargers. According to Electrek, it concerns the 2019.16.1 and 2019.16.2 updates, which cause problems for Model S and Model X cars with the 85kWh battery pack. The update also reduced the range of these cars from 19 to 48 kilometers.

A group of more than thirty Norwegian Model S customers therefore decided to approach the Oslo Mediation Board. Such a mediation council is both a mediation body and a court. Tesla did not respond to the mediation board. The council ultimately decided that Tesla must pay a fine of 136,000 kronor, equivalent to 13,353 euros, to all affected customers. According to the Norwegian news medium, there are ten thousand affected Model S cars in Norway, the problem could cost Tesla a total of 133 million euros.

Tesla can still appeal against the board’s decision. The company has until June 17 to do this. The carmaker declined to comment on the matter to Nettavisen. The company previously told Electrek that the update should protect the battery and make it last longer. ‘A small percentage of users’ would get a smaller range due to the update. American customers have also started legal proceedings against Tesla because of the update.

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