Google releases Fuchsia OS for Nest Hub

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Google has released Fuchsia OS for the Nest Hub from 2018. In the coming months, the manufacturer will transfer devices from the current Cast OS to Fuchsia. It is the first device to get the operating system. Nothing changes in the interface and functions.

Users in the Preview Program will get the update first, Google tells 9to5Google. This is followed by a release among other users. The intention is that nothing changes for users, with the same interface and the same functions as is possible under Cast OS. It is unknown whether the software works faster or slower after the update.

Its release is no surprise. A few weeks ago, Google had a version of the Nest Hub with Fuchsia inspected at the Bluetooth SIG. Google has been developing Fuchsia for five years. Previously, the company reported that it was a project to try out new ideas and techniques for an operating system. The goal now is to get a general-purpose Develop an open source OS focused on security, updating and performance. Fuchsia is not developed around the Linux kernel, but based on Google’s own Zircon kernel.

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