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Tesla interface gets minimalist 'fade mode' for security in V9 update

Tesla leader Elon Musk says in a comment on Twitter that the dashboard computer of Tesla cars in the future will get a ‘fade mode’, in which non-essential parts of the user interface will fade away when they are not used. This makes the onion simpler and safer.

The absence of such a mode should help reduce distraction and make information that is relevant during driving easier to find. It is not entirely certain in which update that function should be introduced, but with the wording of to see the question the function comes along with V9. That version must be in the hands of ‘advanced early access users’ in one or two weeks and in the hands of the general public by the end of September.
Version 9 of the software continues the interface of the Model S and X change to make them more similar to those of the Model 3. In addition, ‘great progress in autonomous driving’ would also be part of V9, according to Musk to investors. Update 9 leaked earlier this month, giving users a taste of what to expect. The fade mode is probably not there yet.


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