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Apple now completely ignores Infowars app of controversial Alex Jones

Apple has removed the Infowars app from controversial conspiracy thinker Alex Jones. According to the tech giant, Jones has broken the content guidelines of the App Store in his podcast. Earlier, on Thursday, Jones’ Twitter account was also permanently suspended.

According to Reuters Jones has violated the ban on ‘defamatory, discriminating or otherwise malicious’ content with his podcast. Separate episodes of Infowars from iTunes have already been taken, but Apple is taking a big step further.
One of the positions that Jones supports is that the shooting in 2012 in the American town of Sandy Hook, including 20 primary school students were killed by leftist groups who want to see banned possession of weapons in the US. Representatives from Jones could not be reached by Reuters on Friday night.
The Twitter permaban that Jones received on Thursday has the same motivation . Twitter states that the Jones accounts and podcast are suspended for “violations of the rules against offensive content, now and in the past.” In response to that sanction, Jones said: “We are being addressed not because we are lying, but because we are speaking the truth and because we are popular.”
At the beginning of August Facebook, YouTube and Spotify also took steps to remove Alex Jones from their platforms.

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