Tesla: Highly unlikely one person will make autonomous vehicle

According to Tesla, it is “very unlikely that a single person or even a small company” could come up with an autonomous driving system suitable for production cars. The company wants to ‘rectify’ an article about George Hotz by Bloomberg.

Tesla states that building a machine-learning system that does its job well 99 percent of the time is relatively easy. When it comes to building a system that responds correctly in practically 100 percent of the cases, it suddenly becomes very difficult, according to Tesla. The response to the article published on Wednesday can be found on Tesla’s own site.

Tesla also takes into account that two years ago it had a system that functions well on a well-known stretch of road, but that everything changes completely when the car suddenly has to drive in places where the device has never been before.

Finally, Tesla makes it clear in its response that it develops the technology in-house and that it is certainly not a matter of simply converting an existing system to achieve the desired result. The fact that a certain processor that MobileEye makes is used does not alter this because Tesla wants to use the best components in its cars.

George Hotz, known for iPhone hacks in his younger days, thinks his system will cost about a thousand dollars. He wants to beat Tesla’s Model S with this. Hotz is said to have declined an offer from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to work at the electric vehicle maker.