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Tesla finally reaches production goal but requires extra money

This weekend Elon Musk was terribly proud: at last the week (albeit Sunday night at 5 o’clock) ended with a production total of 5000 Tesla Model 3’s. That is the first time since the beginning of production that this goal was achieved, while the original planning actually provided for those kind of numbers since the end of last year.

In addition, another 2,000 Teslas were made, bringing the total to 7,000 cars in a week. The question now is whether this week can also be achieved, and the week after, and the following week. Honest is fair, despite all the delay, the production seems to be getting more and more steamed. If Tesla perseveres to keep the Model 3’s out of the door so quickly and they also come through all safety inspections it could be a good one again.
On the other hand, it does not seem to go that well with Tesla. The company asked last week to people who had reserved a Model 3 to make an extra deposit of $ 2500 on their car. They will not even get a delivery date in return, so most people will not be comfortable. Tesla, however, seems to need the cash to come even close to winning this year. If everyone else bites it could give a hefty injection of cash: there are still 450,000 Model 3’s ordered that have not yet been delivered and if there is a reasonable percentage of it they still have a few million to catch.
However, it seems a little desperate from Tesla, and the stock exchanges and analysts tumble over each other to say half-dead to the automaker. Everything should indeed continue well with Tesla: the Model 3’s have to keep rolling in large numbers of the band, the people who have pre-ordered must have the confidence that their car will come again. If all goes well, Tesla has the chance to finally climb out of the valley and become the success that Musk has always had in mind.

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