Build your own Jurassic World with this new board game

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been playing in the cinema since 7 June. Fans of the franchise have probably seen the film several times. Like all previous films, of course. But there is good news, an official board game has now been launched, based on the popular franchise.

Welcome to Jurassic World

With this board game you and your fellow players are responsible for the construction of your own dinosaur amusement park; dig up bones, clone DNA, arrange financing and build the lofts. Just like in the movies, the dinosaurs can escape what causes life-threatening situations and will close your park forever.
This exciting Jurassic World board game was recently launched on June 28, so fans of the Jurassic franchise and dinos can now immerse themselves in the ultimate Jurassic experience.

How the game works!

Give everyone a role: agree who will dig up the dinosaurs’ bones, who clones the DNA to create the dinosaurs, who builds the lofts and who arranges the financing. Each player has his or her own expertise, but smart cooperation is important. By playing dice, using the playing cards and playing smartly, you can manage a large park with dinosaurs. But pay attention, because the dinosaurs can escape! Is your amusement park here against file?
The board game Jurassic World by Just Games uses the official license of the popular Jurassic World movies, allowing movie enthusiasts to experience a complete Jurassic World experience at home. Are you and your friends able to build and run the largest dinosaur amusement park in this challenging board game?


Age : 12 years
Players : 2-6
Playing time : 60 minutes
Available from: June 28, 2018
Consumer advice price : 39.99
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