Tencent and EA launch Red Alert smartphone game in China

Tencent, in collaboration with EA, has launched a Red Alert smart phone game in China. It is not a real time strategy game, but the graphic style is similar to that of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Red Alert Online is the first Command & Conquer game with an official license that comes out for Android. The game is being released by Tencent on the Chinese market and has also been made specifically for this purpose. The game is not in the Google Play Store and a western release seems to be excluded.
On a Chinese website a gameplay video can be seen. In Red Alert Online, players can build a base and control troops. The graphic style is similar to the classic Red Alert games, but the gameplay is different and more in line with Clash of Clans.
EA released a Red Alert game for iOS in 2009, but the strategy games from the Command & Conquer series have never been published for smartphones.