‘Telephone nice’ @evleaks stops

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Telecom insider Evan Blass, better known by his twitter name @EvLeaks, is retiring. He says he can’t earn enough money from the leaks of smartphones through his twitter account and his website and therefore quits his job.

In addition, the telecom insider, who in recent years was the first to publish about many new smartphones, is struggling with the ever-worsening condition MS, The Next Web writes in an interview. Blass tried to make money by sponsoring his twitter account and tweets and placing ads on his website, but both proved to be unsuccessful.

The telecom insider started his account on Twitter in the summer of 2012, after he left the telecom site Pocketnow. Blass previously worked for Engadget. He quickly became known, often with tweets showing only the name and a picture of an unannounced phone, sometimes with some details about specifications.

Blass published, among other things, the first images of the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One. Until a few months ago, almost all his tweets turned out to be correct, but recently he fell for a hoax several times or tips turned out to be incorrect. Blass rules out returning to the tech industry and wants to start another career. He doesn’t say what he’s going to do now.

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