‘The Ascent for PS4 and PS5 gets certification in Taiwan’

Cyberpunk game The Ascent may be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5. Gematsu discovered that these two versions of the game had been released by the Taiwan Age Rating Authority. The game is currently only available for Windows and the current and previous generation Xbox. Gematsu reports of his discovery on Twitter. The information seems … Read more

Microsoft wants to improve boot performance of xaml apps Windows 11 by 2022

Microsoft will focus next year on improving the performance of UWP-xaml applications on Windows 11. The company said during a question session on Reddit. Work will mainly be done on startup performance, Microsoft reports. Microsoft answers a question from a Reddit user who claims to be experiencing slow UI elements of apps running on Windows … Read more

Steam sets new user record with 27.3 million concurrent users

Steam set a new user record last Saturday afternoon. Back then there were 27.3 million players online at the same time. With that, it breaks its record from April, when there were 26.9 million users online. The peak was spotted by the Twitter page steamDB. The page is separate from Steam and tracks the number … Read more

Spotify is testing Discover tab in short videos app

Spotify seems to be testing the Discover function in the test version of its iOS app. That feature has its own tab at the bottom of the screen and allows users to view short music videos in a layout similar to TikTok’s. From Discover’s interface, users can then add songs to their own lists. The … Read more

Twitch releases app for Nintendo Switch

Streaming platform Twitch has released its app for the Nintendo Switch eShop. The app makes it possible to watch streams from other Twitch users. For the time being, it is not possible to stream game sessions via the Switch app. According to reports from The Verge, it is also not possible to view the live … Read more

WABetaInfo: WhatsApp Is Working On Community Feature

WABetaInfo has shared screenshots of an unofficially announced Community feature in WhatsApp. The feature is similar to Facebook Groups and gives administrators more options than standard WhatsApp group conversations. According to WABetaInfo, community administrators will be given the option to create groups within the virtual community or link existing group conversations to the community. The … Read more

Overclocker breaks 8GHz barrier with Core i9-12900K and clocks DDR5 at 8300MT/s

Taiwanese overclocker Hicookie overclocked an Intel Core i9-12900K processor to 8GHz on a single core. With the Core i9-10900K and i9-11900K, that barrier has never been broken; those 14nm processors were stuck at 7.7 and 7.3GHz. To reach the clock speed of 8000MHz, the Vcore has been significantly boosted and set to 1,812 volts, according … Read more

Intel Core i9-12900HK laptop processor benchmark results appear online

A screenshot showing Geekbench results of an Intel Core i9-12900HK laptop processor has surfaced online. The CPU has fourteen cores and twenty threads and runs at a clock speed of 2.9GHz. It is not known when laptops with this CPU will be released. The screenshot is published by Wccftech. This shows that the laptop CPU … Read more

Developers want to analyze Activision anti-cheat system after driver leak

The kernel driver for Activision’s new anti-cheat system Ricochet has appeared online and work is underway to reverse engineer the system. That claims Twitter account Anti-Cheat Police Department, which collects information in the field of online cheating. the twitterer shared two screenshots of the leaked driver. It shows that the ‘Activision Ricochet driver’ has been … Read more

Screenshots show Android apps on Windows 11

Screenshots show running Android apps on Windows 11 through the Android operating system subsystem. The screenshots appeared on a Chinese forum and include WeChat’s Android app in Windows 11. The images show how two versions of the WeChat app for Android run on Windows 11. The taskbar preview shows these two versions in a single … Read more