Steam sets new user record with 27.3 million concurrent users

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Steam set a new user record last Saturday afternoon. Back then there were 27.3 million players online at the same time. With that, it breaks its record from April, when there were 26.9 million users online.

The peak was spotted by the Twitter page steamDB. The page is separate from Steam and tracks the number of players and the most popular games on the platform. It is not clear exactly which games contributed to the peak. The figures of other gaming platforms on that day, such as Epic Games and GOG, are not known.

Also, SteamDB has shared a list with the ten best-selling games in the week of November 22. Farming Simulator 22, which was released on November 22, takes the cake with a peak of 105,640 players on November 22. Next up is Battlefield 2042, which peaked at 105,400 players on November 19. The shooting game officially came out on that day.

What is striking is that a day after release Farming Simulator 22 had more players than Battlefield 2042, which came out three days before. On November 22, Farming Simulator 22 had nearly 94,000 players at its daily peak, while Battlefield 2042 just hit 53,000 players that day, reports steamDB.

The number of Steam users who are online simultaneously this weekend. Screenshot: Hardware Info.

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