Apple sues Russian watchdog over obligation of alternative payment methods

Apple has gone to court in Russia to overturn a claim by the Russian competition authority FAS. That requirement states that app developers must be able to use links within iOS apps that refer to payment methods outside of Apple’s in-app payment system. The FAS made its demand in August after it learned from developers … Read more

Russian in US gets five years in prison for providing hosting services to criminals

A Russian man was sentenced on Wednesday to five years in prison for providing hosting services for cybercriminals between 2009 and 2015. The services were used to spread malware, mainly in the United States. Aleksandr Grichishkin, 34, was the founder and leader of a hosting company that leased Internet IP addresses, servers and domains to … Read more

Google fined again by Russia for undeleted illegal content

Russia has fined Alphabet, Google’s parent company, for the second time in a short time. This time it concerns an amount of 36,000 euros. The company has been fined a second time for failing to remove content that Russia deems illegal. Alphabet has not yet responded to the new fine, Reuters reported. At the beginning … Read more

Twitter continues to load slower on Russian mobile devices

Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnadzot continues to slow down Twitter’s speed on mobile devices until all “deemed illegal content” is removed from the platform. Twitter has not yet responded to the regulator’s ruling. Since March, telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor has punished Twitter for “posts containing child pornography, information about drug abuse or calls for minors to commit … Read more

Malware discovered in hundreds of games from the Huawei AppGallery

It is estimated that nearly ten million users have been affected by malware installed by games from the Huawei AppGallery. The Chinese manufacturer’s app store contained hundreds of games that installed malware on Android smartphones The malware was discovered in an analysis conducted by researchers at Doctor Web. The researchers discovered that the malware is … Read more

Russia demands major tech companies open regional Russian office

Russia has passed a law requiring major internet companies to be officially represented in Russia. A list has now been published with names of the companies that fall under this. These are often large, well-known American tech companies. Google, Apple, Meta, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Zoom, Likeme, Viber Media, Discord, Pinterest, Spotify and Twitch are on … Read more

NASA confirms near-collision with ISS was due to Russian anti-satellite test

The space debris that astronauts had to shelter from this week was caused by a Russian anti-satellite mission. Russia blew up one of its old satellites, but that set off a cloud of space debris that potentially endangered the ISS. The US space agency NASA confirms the incident. According to director Bill Nelson, the seven … Read more

Russia fines Google for not removing illegal content

A Russian court has imposed a fine of about 24,212 euros on Alphabet, the parent company of Google. According to Russia, Google has long refused to remove illegal content from search results and from YouTube. Google has confirmed the fine, but did not comment further, Reuters reports. There are two other cases against Google in … Read more

Gearbest is back online, but does not clarify financial problems

Webshop Gearbest is back online. A month ago, the website went offline following suspected financial problems at the parent company. Users received an ‘invalid url’ notification and social media channels were no longer updated. Gearbest did not provide any information. The web store has come back online, without the company, or Chinese parent company Globalegrow … Read more