Microsoft to produce Xbox Series X-designed mini fridge

Microsoft is going to make Xbox Series X mini fridges. It does so to celebrate winning a popularity contest hosted by Twitter’s marketing department. Xbox Games Marketing head Aaron Greenberg assures readers it’s not an April 1 joke. Twitter organized a popularity contest between different brands operating on the platform via polls. Participants included Skittles, … Read more

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator can show image from Google Nest camera

Samsung is making its SmartThings platform for smart home applications work better with Google Nest. One of the options will be to show Nest camera images on Samsung TVs or the Family Hub refrigerator. The expansion of support means, for example, that SmartThings users can integrate Google Nest devices into the routines they have set … Read more

IBM wants to have a quantum processor with 1000 qubits ready by 2023

IBM is working on three quantum processors to be released in the next three years. By 2023, the company hopes to reach the milestone of more than a thousand qubits. That must be done with the Condor processor. IBM Quantum Computing has set out what it says is an aggressive roadmap for its plans to … Read more

Scientists cool Lego blocks to just above absolute zero

British scientists have cooled four stacked Lego blocks to 70 milliKelvin, or slightly above absolute zero. They conclude that the Lego material can be used for numerous cryogenic applications, such as in quantum computing. The British researchers wanted to measure the thermal conductivity of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, or abs for short, at extremely low temperatures. They placed … Read more

Fallout 76 players complain about having to pay for fridge as a non-cosmetic item

Fallout 76 players are complaining about the in-game introduction of two items that aren’t just cosmetic. It concerns a refrigerator and a robot that automatically searches for things. These items are available in the game’s digital store for seven and five euros respectively. On the Reddit page for Fallout 76, quite a few players are … Read more

LG adds Google Assistant to renewed ThinQ app

LG is updating its smart home control app and integrating the Google Assistant into the application. In addition, the Korean company is changing the name of the app from SmartThinQ to ThinQ. LG presents the updated version of its SmartThinQ app at the IFA fair in Berlin. The fair will take place from 6 to … Read more

“EA scrapped Star Wars open world game in favor of game that comes out faster”

According to the website Kotaku, Electronic Arts has permanently canceled the Star Wars open world game acquired from Visceral Games, because the publisher wants to release another, less extensive Star Wars title at an earlier date. Kotaku reports that three people, who are said to be familiar with the projects, have heard that the Star … Read more

For your next road trip, the Volkswagen Grand California

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has a scoop at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf with the unveiling of the Grand California. This completely new camper on Crafter basis reinforces the range of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the six-meter class. The market introduction of this new camper is scheduled for sometime in the beginning of 2019. Volkswagen California … Read more

Samsung will put Bixby in ovens and robot vacuum cleaners from 2020

Samsung will introduce Bixby in all its smart home devices, including ovens and robot vacuum cleaners, from 2020 onwards. The company announced this, according to several South Korean media based on a press conference in Seoul. The digital assistant, who debuted on the Galaxy S8 last year, will be available on models such as TVs, … Read more