Nintendo Switch gets subscription to play Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games

Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo’s subscription service, is expanding to include Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive games. The games will be available at the end of October. Nintendo is also releasing N64 and Mega Drive controllers for the Switch, for sale to Switch Online members. Access to the Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games is … Read more

Driver Update: Intel (U)HD Graphics Driver

Intel has released new video drivers for the Windows 10 platform for the embedded GPU of the processors from the Skylake, Kaby Lake (Refresh), Coffee Lake (Refresh), Ice Lake, Tiger Lake, Amber Lake, Apollo Lake, Comet Lake, Gemini Lake and Whiskey Lake generations. Those are the Intel UHD Graphics, Intel HD Graphics, Intel Iris Plus … Read more

Doom Eternal initially shipped without copy protection

The very first version of Doom Eternal distributed via the launcher contained a copy of the game’s .exe file, but without copy protection. This version of the game does not need to be cracked and has been posted on download sites almost unchanged. A Reddit user reported the strange occurrence. He stated that his … Read more

Google publishes 12 game titles available at release of Stadia

The Stadia game streaming service will be released on November 19, and Google has published the names of the 12 titles that will be available to purchase at the time of the service’s release. These include three Tomb Raider games, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2. Google says it has “carefully selected” the … Read more

Rage 2: TerrorMania Expansion Coming Out in Two Weeks

Bethesda will release a new expansion for Rage 2 on November 14. TerrorMania is set in an alternate reality within the game, where the game world has been taken over by walking weaponized skeletons. According to Bethesda, TerrorMania contains both “distorted versions” of known locations, as well as new areas. Players get a new weapon, … Read more

Warner Bros removes Denuvo-drm from Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Bros. and Funcom appear to have removed the controversial Denuvo-drm from Batman: Arkham Knight. This is reportedly the version available on the Epic Games Store. The change was initially noticed by DSO Gaming. The site states that the Steam variant still contains the DRM. It’s unclear if Denuvo will be pulled from the Steam … Read more

New version of Denuvo-drm seems to be cracked

It seems that the current version of the Denuvo-drm has fallen prey to the cracking community. A cracked version of Total War: Three Kingdoms protected with ‘Denuvo 6.0’ was released this week on the internet. The Codex group reports in publishing the crack of version 1.1.0 of Total War: Three Kingdoms that it has breached … Read more

Bethesda Presents Rage 2 Expansion Pack Rise of the Ghosts

For the recently released Rage 2, the first major expansion pack, Rise of the Ghosts, will be released later this year. The downloadable content adds a new storyline, new enemies and a controllable mech to the shooter. The shooter, which came out about a month ago, is likely to receive its first major expansion in … Read more

Bethesda delivers Rage 2 as opposed to Steam without Denuvo drm

Bethesda delivers Rage 2 via its own platform without Denuvo copy protection, while the shooter on Steam does contain this DRM. As a result, a cracked version of the game appeared on the Internet within a day. Reddit users noticed that the Rage 2 .exe file on the Bethesda platform did not contain Denuvo-drm. The … Read more