Rage 2: TerrorMania Expansion Coming Out in Two Weeks

Bethesda will release a new expansion for Rage 2 on November 14. TerrorMania is set in an alternate reality within the game, where the game world has been taken over by walking weaponized skeletons.

According to Bethesda, TerrorMania contains both “distorted versions” of known locations, as well as new areas. Players get a new weapon, a sword that also serves as a key to ‘open the gates between realities’. The publisher does not yet show moving images of TerrorMania, but has shared a number of screenshots.

Rage 2: TerrorMania costs 500 Rage coins, or five euros. There is also a TerrorMania Digital Deluxe Upgrade that costs 1750 Rage coins, which is equivalent to 17.5 euros. That version includes an extra mission and special skins for weapons and vehicles.

Rage 2 came out in May. Reactions to the game have been mixed. Many players and reviewers criticized the game’s limited length. Coinciding with the release, Bethesda already had a plan in place to add more content to the game in the form of paid expansions. TerrorMania is the second paid DLC for Rage 2. Rise of the Ghosts was previously released.