Apple sues Russian watchdog over obligation of alternative payment methods

Apple has gone to court in Russia to overturn a claim by the Russian competition authority FAS. That requirement states that app developers must be able to use links within iOS apps that refer to payment methods outside of Apple’s in-app payment system. The FAS made its demand in August after it learned from developers … Read more

British government fined 590,000 euros for leaking address list

The British privacy watchdog ICO has imposed a fine of 590,000 euros on the British government. In 2019, the government had accidentally published a list of the addresses of 1097 people. The ICO writes that the government has “failed to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of people’s information.” According … Read more

Google releases stable Android TV 12 version for developers

Google has released the first stable version of Android 12 for both Android TV OS and Google TV. For now, Android 12 is only available to developers. This new Android version includes 4k support and refresh rate switching. Now that Android 12 has been officially released, developers can start building and testing apps to make … Read more

Twitter will delete private images of users on request

Twitter announced on Tuesday stricter rules for sharing people’s media without permission. The platform will remove images from users upon request if the images are distributed without permission from the creator or the person on the images. In a blog post, Twitter makes the new measures known. Twitter will intervene if a report is made … Read more

British privacy watchdog wants to fine Clearview of 20 million euros

Britain’s privacy watchdog plans to fine Clearview £17 million. The company allegedly violated British privacy law by applying facial recognition to citizens in the country. The Information Commissioner’s Office of ICO writes that this is a preliminary decision. The ICO has investigated the American company Clearview AI, which is also active in the United Kingdom. … Read more

OnePlus Nord 2 has a vulnerability that allows root access via USB

The OnePlus Nord 2, which was released earlier this year, has a vulnerability in its recovery environment. If you open a remote shell in that environment, you will see that there are no blocks to gain root access to the device via USB. Normally, an Android device must give permission before certain commands are given … Read more

Google Makes More Privacy Sandbox Commitments to UK Government

Google has tightened several commitments to the UK market authority CMA regarding the use of Privacy Sandbox. The authority fears that phasing out tracking cookies in Chrome will harm Google’s competitors and give the tech company an unfair advantage. By making the commitments concrete, Google has allayed a number of concerns, the CMA wrote on … Read more

British government wants to ban default passwords

A UK government bill aims to end easy-to-guess passwords that manufacturers set on devices by default. The bill aims to improve the safety standards of a large number of products. The United Kingdom government has presented the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill, a bill that preceded a one-year consultation period in 2019. The proposal … Read more

Chinese government blocks updates to apps and games Tencent

The Chinese government has banned download stores from letting Tencent update its current apps and games or release new apps. The company is getting “temporary administrative guidance,” presumably because of the privacy policies of its apps. Users can continue to install and use the apps, China Star Market notes. So it’s just about updating existing … Read more

Max Schrems Foundation files corruption complaint against Irish privacy watchdog

Privacy activist Max Schrems’ noyb foundation has filed a corruption complaint against the Irish privacy regulator. The Data Protection Commissioner in the country is said to have engaged in ‘procedural extortion’ by asking noyb to step out of a lawsuit, according to the foundation. Noyb has filed the complaint with the Austrian Bureau for Corruption … Read more