System Shock remake has been delayed to May 30

The System Shock remake should have been released this month, but developer Nightdive Studios pushed the release date further. The new release date is May 30. The game’s release has been delayed several times.

On Steam say developers Nightdive Studios and Prime Matter said they hoped to release the game at the end of March, but that was just not feasible. The studios are not giving specific reasons for the latest delay of roughly two months. At the beginning of this year, Nightdive said that the remake would be released in March and that it would be final.

The makers reiterate that the classic gameplay of the original forms the basis and that a new interface, improved graphics and controls have been added. The remake will also contain new enemies and there is a new system for hacking. The original is by an editor from Eurogamer described as primarily an action game, while the remake is a bit quieter and uses more of an ominous atmosphere.

System Shock is a shooter where the player takes on the role of a security hacker and wakes up on a starship in the year 2072. Here, the player has to shoot and hack their way out and face an evil AI called Shodan. The game is originally released in 1994. The developers started a campaign on Kickstarter in 2016 to create a modern remaster. Last year, Nightdive already showed a seven-minute gameplay trailer.