Synology Releases DSM 7.0 on June 29 After Multiple Delays

Synology will officially release DiskStation Manager 7.0 next Tuesday, June 29. The company is also expanding the C2 platform with four new cloud services. The update for DSM was supposed to be released in the first half of 2019, but was delayed several times.

Synology reports that on June 29, DSM 7.0 will be officially released. A release candidate has been available since the beginning of this month, but the full release will follow on June 29, essentially the same version.

DSM 7.0 is an improvement over its predecessor, 6.2. According to Synology, it offers “better security” with Secure SignIn and two-factor authentication and the ability to block USB and console ports, more system management capabilities by running different tasks simultaneously on different storage pools, and “improved data collaboration capabilities.”

Furthermore, the interface for managing disks has been improved. Synology also promises up to 70 percent higher raid 6 performance and support for SSD cache has been expanded. For example, it can be added and removed while the system is running. In addition, DSM 7.0 supports larger volumes up to 1PB. The full list of improvements can be found on Synology’s site.

Synology’s C2 cloud platform is being expanded with a number of new cloud services and products, Active Insight gives users greater insight into device monitoring and diagnosis. Hybrid Share makes it possible to combine C2 cloud storage with on-premises functions and C2 Identity is a Directory-as-a-Service domain management service in different locations. In addition, C2 gets a new password manager C2 Password, cloud backup with C2 Backup and file sharing capabilities with C2 Transfer. The new services will be made available between now and July 13.