Streacom Introduces New Versions of Collapsible BC1 Benchtables

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Streacom is releasing new versions of its BC1 collapsible benchtops. The new BC1 V2 and BC1 Mini V2 include a new design with improved stability and an optional vertical orientation. The two benchtables will be released in early 2022.

The BC1 V2 Benchtables will have a collapsible design, just like their predecessors, according to Streacom. Among other things, a ‘display mode’ will be added, which allows users to orient the benchtables vertically to show the installed hardware. The previous versions could only be positioned horizontally. The manufacturer also states that it should be easier to assemble and disassemble the benchtables. The regular V2 again supports ATX motherboards and smaller. The Mini V2 only supports mini-ITX motherboards.

In addition, the standoffs for motherboards and PCI cards are no longer mounted in threads that are drilled directly into the aluminum housing. Instead, metal inserts are integrated into the benchtables, into which the standoffs can be screwed. These inserts should be more wear resistant.

The new BC1 V2 models have two 12mm holes that can accommodate an on/off button and a reset button. An extra cut-out in the V2 Benchtables should function as a handle. The BC1 V2 also supports SFX power supplies; in the V1 models, only the Mini variant supported such power supplies. Furthermore, the manufacturer reports that the packaging contains less protective EVA foam and the primary packaging materials are recycled. This would make the packaging less harmful to the environment.

Streacom reports that the regular BC1 V2 should be available at the first retailers in mid-January 2022, at a suggested retail price of 159 euros. The Mini variant will follow at the beginning of March and will receive a suggested retail price of 129 euros.

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