Amazon announces air quality meter with Alexa support for 80 euros

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Amazon introduces a Smart Air Quality Monitor. This is a smart home sensor that can measure, among other things, the temperature and humidity, in addition to the presence of carbon monoxide, for example. The device will be available in December for 80 euros.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor measures five different factors that affect air quality, according to the company. In addition to temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide, the device also measures for the presence of dust particles and volatile organic compounds.

The sensor offers support for Alexa, with which the air quality meter can send notifications, among other things, when the air quality is bad. The Alexa app also shows detailed air quality data, while an integrated color LED provides a more simple indication of air quality.

The Smart Air Quality Monitor also supports voice control, which allows users to ask what the temperature is via Alexa. This requires a separate speaker with Alexa. The air quality meter itself does not contain a speaker or microphone. The air quality meter is supplied with power via Micro-USB.

The Verge writes that the Smart Air Quality Monitor will be available through Amazon Germany, among others, in addition to the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. The device has a suggested retail price of 80 euros and will be delivered from December. There doesn’t seem to be a product page on Amazon Germany at the moment.

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