Stranger Things season 4 is coming: we now know this

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Stranger Things is one of the best series on Netflix in our opinion. The third season even broke all records of the streaming service. Fans have been eagerly looking forward to the fourth season for more than a year. We know it’s in the works, but not yet when we can see it. The crew is now fully filming and some information leaks out every now and then. We don’t mind at all, of course, so we have some anticipation.

Season 4 trailer of Stranger Things

In February of this year we could even see the first trailer of season 4. That was hopeful, but the corona virus threw a spanner in the works of the recordings. What we can tell from the trailer is that Hopper is returning (hooray!). He is stuck in a Russian penal camp. Season 4 doesn’t just take place in Hawkins.

New character

Unfortunately we have no idea when ‘From Russia with Love’ will be released. Fortunately, we have some other news and images that we can share with you. For example, the writers of the series have their own Twitter account and are not afraid to let go of some information there every now and then.

It’s nice to see our favorite teens in action again. And we can expect a new character in Season 4! It would be Maya Hawke’s brother. We got to know Maya last season as Steve’s colleague from the ice cream parlor.

Season 4 recordings resumed

We know that the filming of the fourth season started in January of this year. Actually, the makers should have completed this in August. They finally stopped filming in March, when 2 episodes were ready. Fortunately, the recordings resumed at the end of September. Since then, images of the new season have been released regularly. According to StrangerThingsSpoiler’s account, the recordings will be finalized in March / April 2021.

Just a little more patience

If the recordings are completed in the first months of 2021, we do not expect season 4 to be seen on Netflix before the summer . You really have to be patient. It is not yet known whether there will be a fifth season. So we know that Hopper will return and that makes us very happy. His ending in season 3 was pretty unexpected and sad after all. As soon as there are new spoilers or trailers, you will of course read that on our site!

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