Sony: PS5 is only available online on the day of release

Sony says that no physical copies of the console will be in stores on the day of release on some places on November 19. The console will only be available online on that day. Sony says it has taken the step for the safety of gamers and store employees.

People with pre-orders that they can pick up at a store by appointment can do just that, says Sony. For the rest, the electronics maker warns that waiting in line for stores on the day of release will not make sense, because the console will not be delivered to physical stores.

Sony cites the coronavirus as a reason not to physically sell the console on the day of release. Presumably, the manufacturer is afraid that gamers will not keep their distance if they stand in line or come too close to each other or to store employees in the stores.

The PlayStation 5 will be in stores at a later date, but Sony does not say exactly when that will be. The PS5 will be released in the US next week and will be released in two weeks in European countries۔