STMicro and GlobalFoundries to build chip factory in France together

GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics want to build a chip factory together in Crolles, a French town near Lyon. The factory should be fully operational in 2026 and will then produce a maximum of 620,000 wafers annually for, among other things, 18nm chips.

The factory will be adjacent to STMicro’s existing factory and 42 percent of the production from the new factory will be for this company. The remaining 58 percent will go to GlobalFoundries. In the factory do the companies want making different types of chips, with 18nm as the smallest process. The two want to use this to make chips for the automotive, iot and smartphone markets.

The French government will support the construction of the factory with money. Against Reuters says the government is investing more than 5.7 billion euros. The exact amount is not mentioned, because the government hopes to get ‘more’ money from the European Chips Act.

About 1000 employees are needed for the factory. STMicro’s current plant in Crolles produces according to FT 520,000 wafers on an annual basis.

STMicro’s factory in Crolles, France