Stephen Hawking: Technology Can Destroy Us All

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English physicist Stephen Hawking has said that technology may in the future be able to destroy us all. According to him, technology is developing so quickly that there is a chance that artificial intelligence could wipe out humanity through nuclear war.

Hawking, who is almost completely paralyzed by the muscle disease ALS, is concerned that humans may not have the skills to survive as a species. He also examines the evolutionary role of aggression. “Since civilization began, aggression has been useful in that it carries certain survival benefits.” According to Hawking, there is a risk that this aggression, with the rapid development of increasingly sophisticated technology, could lead to a war with nuclear and biological weapons that could destroy us all. He believes that we should better control this inherent aggression through the use of logic and reason. Hawking said in an interview with The Times.

In addition, Hawking sees a danger in artificial intelligence that can eventually replace humans. “We need to be faster in recognizing such threats and acting before it gets out of hand. This means some form of world government may be needed.” Hawking realizes that such a government can become a tyranny. Despite this pessimistic view, the scientist emphasizes that he is an optimist. He thinks humanity will eventually be able to meet these challenges.

It’s not the first time Hawking has expressed concerns about the future of humanity. Last year, he said humans will have to leave Earth and settle on another planet in about a thousand years to survive. According to Hawking, the earth’s natural resources are rapidly depleting, making the earth uninhabitable more quickly.

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