Steam reaches 25 million simultaneously logged in users

Steam has increased its record of concurrently logged-in users from 20 to 25 million in nine months. That happened on Saturday. The gaming service did not tap the 25 million in March on half a million, but now it does.

At the exact peak that happened on Saturday, according to Steam’s own statistics, 25,413,392 users were online. Steam has experienced very strong growth in the past year: Valve already touched 20 million in March of last year, but the ‘milestone’ of 24.5 million users was already tapped later in the same month. All in all, the service has officially taken about nine months to grow from 20 to 25 million, while the record of 18.5 million from January 2018 has held until February of 2020. That can be read on SteamDB, that stores the Steam stats and makes them extensively searchable.

SteamDB already speculated when reaching 20 million that this is probably due to the many stay at home due to the corona virus. Given the continued presence of that virus, it is obvious that this new record is also due to this.

At that peak of 24.5 million in March, about 32 percent of users were actually playing a game. When the 25 million is actually reached, around 29.5 percent of the users were in-game.

As for the most popular games on the platform, little has changed; CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG and Grand Theft Auto V have places in the top five, but currently in fourth place is newcomer Cyberpunk 2077. The only other ‘new’ title on this ranking since March is Apex Legends, which came to Steam in November, but has been out on Origin for some time now.