Start of production of Uncharted film is relatively close

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Canadian director Shawn Levy, who was involved as producer and director on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, has announced that the start of production of the official Uncharted film is relatively close.

Shawn Levy said in an interview with Playlist that the Uncharted film is a “huge title”. He indicated that there is currently a good script and that the actor Tom Holland has already been attracted to the skin of Nathan Drake.

The start of production now depends on the overall planning and the recruitment of additional actors. In any case, according to Levy, the start of production on the Uncharted film is closer to the horizon than the Starman remake, which Levy will also likely direct. A release date is still unknown.

Sony has been working on filming the game series for a number of years. As early as 2009, Columbia Pictures announced that it was working on a movie for the PlayStation 3 game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Multiple actors have been considered in recent years and the official film has been delayed more than once.

Recently, a fan already released an Uncharted film, in which FireFly actor Nathan Fillion played the lead role. It is a fifteen-minute film by Allan Ungar, in which there is a lot of action and spectacle.

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