Square Enix CEO: Players Excited About NFTs

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Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda says in an open letter that he is very positive about NFTs and blockchains. Players are also increasingly accepting these developments in games, he says. According to Matsuda, the game company will invest a lot in these areas in 2022.

In the letter the Square Enix chief executive states that nfts have been received ‘very enthusiastically’ by a rapidly growing group of users. According to Matsuda, there was talk of ‘overheated’ trade: ”It had a somewhat speculative sauce, despite the content offered as valuable”. Nevertheless, he expects that once NFTs become commonplace for the general public, the value of the digital content will be corrected and the actual value becomes visible.

Matsuda also sees a growing interest from players in the field of blockchain games. “I realize that some people play to have fun. They have their reservations about these trends and that is understandable, but other players’ motivation is ‘play to contribute’, thereby helping to make the game more fun”. According to Matsuda, the latter group does have a need for blockchain games.

Finally, the president of Square Enix says he will continue to closely monitor the social changes in the field of blockchain games and digital cryptocurrencies. “We will then step up our efforts to develop a business in that area and possibly release our own tokens in the future.”

Matsuda’s statements are remarkable, as other game companies have recently been criticized for adding NFTs to their games. For example, Ubisoft’s NFTs received so much criticism that the company hid the announcement video, and they were also barely traded. Stalker 2 was also going to contain NFTs, but after a lot of criticism, the developer came back to it.

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