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Spotify tests unlimited skip ads for free users

The free version of Spotify seems to be getting better. Free non-shuffle playlists have already been added for non-paying people (19459006) for people who do not pay and now there is also being tested in Australia with the possibility to skip commercials as a free user. There is no limit to this, Spotify says to AdAge .

According to Danielle Lee, global head or partner solutions of Spotify, this will ensure that users will skip all ads that are not interesting to them and thus make it very clear which advertisements are in their area of ​​interest. “This way we can offer a more personalized experience for the users and a more engaged audience for our advertisers,” she says.

‘Active Media’

The new feature is called Spotify Active Media and that means that advertisers do not have to pay for advertisements that have not been tapped. That is daring, because if everyone just clicks through all the ads Spotify can cost a lot of money. On the other hand, the company does this because they are gambling that they can find enough ears that will reach ads.

Spotify has had 180 million monthly active listeners in the quarter, about 30 percent more than last year. Of these, there are more than 100 million free listeners who are told advertisements. Chances are that it will work. And even if it is not immediately a success: Spotify had to think of something else, because their previous ad platform AdsWizz was taken over by competitor (in the US) Pandora.

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