Spotify makes exporting music to competitors possible again

Spotify still makes it possible to export music and transfer it to other services. The company has adjusted the general terms and conditions for developers for this. Previously, the service just removed the feature.

The new terms of service for developers now includes an extra sentence to the clause about transferring data to other parties. It is not allowed to use the api of the service to forward data to, for example, advertising networks , but to ‘other services’, notes the SongShift service . It only concerns playlists that users have created themselves. Playlists curated by Spotify itself, such as Discover or Your Top Songs, cannot be transferred.

Under the new conditions, users can again use services such as SongShift. These make it possible to move music from streaming services between those services. Two weeks ago Spotify changed the conditions , so that services such as SongShift were no longer allowed to export data from Spotify. SongShift says the feature will be added again in a future update to the app.

HackerNews users speculate that those new terms violated the GDPR. This includes the right to data portability. Under that right, a user must be able to exchange data from one service to another.