Spotify is considering a paid subscription for podcasts

It seems Spotify wants to release paid subscriptions that allow podcasts to be listened to. This is evident from a survey that the company has put online, in which users are asked whether they are interested in such a podcast service.

Andrew Wallenstein, of Variety, noticed that Spotify is asking some of its users about their willingness to pay for podcasts. Different subscription types are being looked at, including features such as exclusive content, early access to episodes and the removal of advertisements.

It appears to be subscriptions that will cost between $ 3 and $ 8 per month. This does not include access to the music streaming service; it therefore only concerns a subscription to the podcasts. Incidentally, the survey does not mean that a subscription form will actually be available; a spokesperson told The Verge that surveys are being conducted more often, and that does not mean that this actually leads to new products.

Spotify has been investing in its podcast offering for some time now. Last month it was announced that about two million podcasts can now be listened to via the music service.