Spotify competitor of Kim Dotcom coming at the end of this year

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom’s music streaming service, Baboom, is coming sometime late this year. The service will lift a corner of the veil on Monday. Dotcom has been working on its own music streaming service for years.

Subscriptions will only be possible from the end of this year, Ars Technica writes based on a statement from Dotcom’s music service Baboom. On Monday, the service will give a preview, with the introduction of the ‘artist page’ of Kim Dotcom himself. The founder of MegaUpload introduces his own album.

The details of the music streaming service are still unknown, except that, just like with Spotify, for example, it will be possible to listen to music for free, with advertisements being served. There is also an ad-free paid variant, but it is unclear what the entrance fee is. In addition, users would be able to access paid content for free if they install a browser plugin that serves ads, but the details are unknown.

Dotcom was already working on a music streaming service before MegaUpload had to go offline after a raid by the New Zealand police, by order of the American judiciary. A lawsuit is currently pending against Dotcom and its MegaUpload colleagues. Dotcom also already has its own web storage service called Mega, which started a year ago.