Rumor: Samsung tests fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S5 screen

Samsung would like to build a fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S5. That writes the South Korean newspaper Korea Herald. Samsung would also have considered an iris scanner, but that technology is not yet ready for use in a smartphone.

After testing various ways of biometric identification, Samsung would have opted for a fingerprint scanner, writes the South Korean newspaper, which has been right with rumors in the past. Samsung would like to place the fingerprint scanner in the screen. Apple placed it in the Home button with the iPhone 5s, while HTC placed it on the back of the One max.

According to the source of the information, iris scanners are not yet ready for use in a smartphone: users would have to put their heads too close to the phone to identify themselves, something that could cause problems in various situations.

The number of rumors about the upcoming successor to the Galaxy S4 is increasing rapidly. Monday morning, an image of suspected widgets for the new interface appeared online. Samsung will probably present the Galaxy S5 within a few months. Samsung has already announced various parts that it makes itself, such as 4GB DDR4 memory and a 1440p screen. In all likelihood, these are parts for the S5.